Ways to Encourage Your Employees to Keep a Cleaner Workplace

Many believe a neat desk leads to higher productivity, yet in the fast-paced work environments of today, keeping a workspace orderly can be challenging. We understand, and we’re ready to assist! In this article, we explore clever strategies to encourage your team to tidy up their desks. From incentives to gentle prompts, our goal is to ignite a passion for maintaining a neat workspace in everyone. So, grab a broom, and let’s

Schedule a general cleaning day at least twice a year

Schedule a general cleaning day at least twice a year to help your employees understand the importance of keeping the workplace clean. During this day, have employees take turns doing simple things such as vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning carpets, dusting surfaces, wiping tables and chairs, and washing windows.

Encourage individual efforts as well for further impact by offering rewards for the cleanest workspaces or cubicles or by having leadership or management staff do their own share of cleaning.

Utilizing an on-site janitorial staff to provide assistance can also make the task easier and ensure that professional standards are met. Make sure all employees know what is expected for a clean work environment so that everyone is on board with shared goals. Keep in mind that demonstrating respect for your team’s workspace is a great way to show appreciation and can go a long way in motivating people to take pride in their office area.

Let employees know that they are expected to keep the office clean

Letting your employees know that you expect them to keep the office clean is essential in helping to maintain a tidy workspace. Schedule regular meetings with your staff and discuss the importance of keeping the office clean and organized. Make sure they understand why it’s important and how it can help to improve their work environment.

You may also find that making cleaning expectations clear during the job interview process could be beneficial in helping to ensure that each employee understands the importance of having a neat, tidy office. During these meetings, stress to your team that a clean working space helps to encourage productivity, creativity, and teamwork among colleagues.

In addition, let your employees know that you appreciate a neat workplace by expressing gratitude when they take it upon themselves to tidy up. This will show them that their efforts do not go unnoticed and may encourage others on the team to participate as well.

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Place trash bins around the office

Properly placing trash bins around your office ensures that employees will be able to reach one with ease when they need to discard an item. By placing waste receptacles near desks, in hallways, and near entryways, you can make it easy for employees to take just a few minutes out of their day to put away their trash. This way, the workplace stays tidy throughout the day and is less likely to become cluttered. For the work snack area, get a larger bin where all food scraps can go into directly. This will ensure that no crumbs are lying around at all times.

When selecting bins, opt for clear ones so that they can be easily seen and recognized as trash cans. Additionally, get trash bags that match the size of the bin or come in rolls so that changing out a bag is quick and efficient. You should also encourage your employees not to throw anything on the ground or leave personal items on tables or desktops upon leaving for lunch/breaks as these are easy ways for an office space to become unorganized and dirtied up quickly over time.

Hire commercial cleaners

Hiring a professional cleaning service provider is one of the most effective ways to ensure a cleaner and healthier workspace. Commercial cleaners provide several advantages, including increased safety and comfort for your employees; improved air quality; and reduced risk of staff illnesses. By hiring a reliable cleaning crew, you can focus on longer-term tasks that lead to a more productive and satisfied workforce.

Commercial cleaners typically offer services such as: vacuuming carpets and rugs; washing walls, floors, countertops and desks; dusting furniture, shelves and equipment; removing cobwebs from ceilings; sanitizing bathrooms and break rooms; disposing of trash; polishing floors; sweeping walkways and hallways; spot-cleaning furniture upholstery; window cleaning; general disinfecting services. Additionally, they can be scheduled for regular check-ins at your facility or on an as-needed basis if the need arises.

Ensure there is enough cleaning supply

Providing a clean and comfortable environment for workers is essential for productivity, morale, and health. To ensure that employees keep the workplace clean, it is important to have the necessary cleaning supplies available. For example, stock up on trash bags, and disinfect products such as wipes and sprays, rags and paper towels for spills or messes. Place these supplies in visible locations around the premises so that they are easily accessible.

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In addition, provide separate bins/containers to promote proper disposal of recyclables if appropriate in your workplace. Stocking enough cleaning supplies will encourage employees to clean up any mess they make on a daily basis and reinforce an overall culture of keeping a cleaner workspace environment.

Reward your employees

Rewards are a great way to motivate your employees to keep a cleaner workplace. You can give out awards for the most diligently kept workspace or for the space that has improved the most since last week. This will encourage team members to work together and create an environment that stimulates everyone’s productivity, while also making sure everyone is held accountable.

You can also offer public recognition, such as announcing when someone has put in extra effort to keep their workspace neat and organized. Not only will this help boost morale and motivation, but it also shows your appreciation for their hard work.

Further rewards could include offering tickets to events, vouchers, or other non-monetary benefits in return for cleanliness and organization at work. Encouraging healthy competitions between teams or individuals could also be of great benefit – giving out prizes like trophies or other mementos can be a fun way to make sure you get everyone on board with keeping things clean!


When it comes to encouraging employees to keep a clean work environment, a positive and supportive attitude is key. Asking employees directly or using incentives such as bonuses or extra pay can be effective tactics.

Additionally, setting a good example by keeping the workplace tidy yourself and explaining why it is important to maintain a neat workspace can be beneficial in reinforcing expectations. Finally, having an organized storage solution for items will help keep clutter off of desks and help create an overall better work atmosphere. Together, these measures can help ensure that every employee does their part to keep the workplace clean and safe for all.

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